The National has a new song, new video and a new album out…

There had been some videos of The National performing new songs during concerts, but finally there is a new song, an album name and even a video. The video is for Demons and it shows the album art being made, which is very very cool to watch.

The new album Trouble Will Find Me will be out on May 21st on 4AD.

The National is also touring. (June 23rd to Istanbul for Vodafone Istanbul Calling, and November 7th to Heineken Music Hall)



This week’s music tuesday will be spot on. On Saturday evening, fresh after my Paris trip, I took a trip to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, a relatively new, shiny, fantastic concert hall with interesting programming. How interesting you say? Interesting enough to regularly book the likes of Nico Muhly, Sufjan Stevens and involves Bryce Dressner of The National to curate a concert series.

The concert hall also commissioned a pieces from these three, and out came Planetarium, a piece for seven trombones, a string quartet, keyboard, drums and guitar, it is a song-cycle of 11 songs dedicated to the solar system. It even includes Pluto, despite only being a dwarf planet.

Sufjan performing Planetarium - Source (flickr)

And indeed Muziekgebouw Eindhoven had managed on Saturday to gather a crowd of adventurous classical music fans and super-hipster Sufjan Stevens fans. The first half was for the former group, featuring Nico Muhly’s Diacritical Marks (2011) and Bryce Dressners Quintets performed by Navarra String Quartet, and the second half was more for the Sufjan fans.

And of course, things are on YouTube, so today’s music video will be a live one. Enjoy Mercury:

You can find four more songs over at Stereogum.