weekly roundup 2013-4 #sundayreading

A week filled with a new Pope and a new weekly article round-up without any Pope related news:

“The most galling artifact of white privilege in museums is expressed in their extreme reluctance to confront the reality of increasing irrelevance. Only an organization in the most privileged position could experience declining participation and argue that its relevance is increased because of its relative rarity. Only an organization suffering from extreme delusion and a healthy endowment could dismiss inclusive forms of engagement as “pandering.””

And, to top it off, Game of Thrones if it was shot in 1995:


weeklies 7-1-2012

Welcome to the first edition of the weekly links 2012! After a brief holiday season with little blogging, we continue our regular broadcast with Ryan Gosling and other good stuff.

– yes, indeed, Manarchist Ryan Gosling continues the internet meme sensation Ryan Gosling. Though I must say Feminist Ryan Gosling is still the best one.

– An interesting The Atlantic piece on Finland’s school system. There are many reasons why this doesn’t work in the States or anywhere else, really. But it’s a good system to learn from.

– Just because it is now 2012, doesn’t mean that we don’t have 2011 lists. Art Threat has chosen 23 political art stories of 2011, take a look.

– I have recently finished reading Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save, and I recommend you to put it on your reading list this year, and think about it. In the meantime, check out the Guardian’s little blub about this campaign in Oxford.

– Here’s a great article from The Atlantic about why the U.S.’ SOPA act is proof of American movie industry’s failure to innovate. I would highly suggest to keep an eye on this act and see what you can do about it; as it will eventually effect everyone and not just Americans.

– And to push it to SOPA’s nose; a study finds that people actually are willing to use legal alternatives, rather than piracy, when it is done right.

And I finish with something to cheer you up this weekend: