weekly roundup Easter edition: Hadoken, political dissents, getting ahead in life and more

Another Sunday, another reading round-up. Considering I skipped last week, I should probably overcompensate. Or maybe not.

“By reading Lean In as a book informed as much by Silicon Valley business tactics and Sandberg’s Facebook investments as it is by feminism, Lean In becomes legible as a product with strongly corporate and technocratic as well as feminist ambitions. Because while Lean In is technically separate from Facebook, it is supported by Facebook in ways ranging from Zuckerberg’s book jacket endorsement to the fact that Facebook provided Sandberg with time to write and complete an intense publicity tour for the book while serving as COO. The question then is: how is it that Facebook, a company primarily interested in technical development, came in 2013 to need a feminist platform? And now that its COO has launched one, how does Lean In aim to transform the world?”

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. To everyone else, enjoy the chocolate eggs.

weeklies 30-06-12

Here we are at the end of a superfast month of no sun and not much summer whatsoever. A short weekly round-up this week, as I have been preparing the first full draft of my thesis, which I have named Daenerys.

What does it mean to ‘own’ music in 2012? by the A.V.Club.

– Alyssa Rosenberg has an introductory feminist reading list up, which I agree with and support and am slowly reading through.

– When the orchestra pit of the Sydney Opera House turned out to be too small, that was no problem. The orchestra is simply moved to a studio nearby. 

Illegal downloading can get you jailtime in Japan. What fun!

– Every IKEA visitors dream website: IKEA Hackers! or alternatively titled how to get IKEA furniture and make it affordably stylish (and unique as a snowflake).