weekly roundup – awesome libraries, raunch culture, and more

Another weekend where we wait for Spring, Spring teases us with some sunshine but very little warmth, and we are just hoping tomorrow will do it. In the mean time, here’s some reading.


another week, another reading list

I have managed to finish two papers and write an exam this week, all within deadlines and everything. Go me. But that also explains the lack of posts this week. Excuses excuses… here’s what you missed this week:

Are you an anarchist? The answer might surprise you.

Entrepreneurship and classical music? Yes, it exists. Here’s an interesting article by createquity on entrepreneurship trends in classical music.

– An article that should be shared around, and used to make the world a better place: The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen: psychopathic traits of super-rich business men, and income inequality hitting new heights (or lows rather, for most of us) since 1979.

– Related to the above article; let’s add gender inequality to the picture: Women Own 1% of the World’s Property. Because, you know, who cares what they own.

– A Miles Davis biopic might be happening!

Nature is the 99% too.

Have a great weekend!