Weekly Roundup April 26-04-2014

The following links come from various backgrounds and were chosen by various criteria to be in this equal-opportunity blog post.

That beauty applied to some things and not to others, that it was a principle of discrimination, was once its strength and its appeal. Beauty belonged to the family of notions that establish rank, and accorded well with a social order unapologetic about station, class, hierarchy, and the right to exclude.

What had been a virtue of the concept became its liability. Beauty, which once seemed vulnerable because it was too general, loose, porous, was revealed as — on the contrary — excluding too much. Discrimination, once a positive faculty (meaning refined judgment, high standards, fastidiousness), turned negative: it meant prejudice, bigotry, blindness to the virtues of what was not identical with oneself.


And this is it for this week, let’s see how long my come-back will last.

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Another weekend where we wait for Spring, Spring teases us with some sunshine but very little warmth, and we are just hoping tomorrow will do it. In the mean time, here’s some reading.