Weekly Roundup April 26-04-2014

The following links come from various backgrounds and were chosen by various criteria to be in this equal-opportunity blog post.

That beauty applied to some things and not to others, that it was a principle of discrimination, was once its strength and its appeal. Beauty belonged to the family of notions that establish rank, and accorded well with a social order unapologetic about station, class, hierarchy, and the right to exclude.

What had been a virtue of the concept became its liability. Beauty, which once seemed vulnerable because it was too general, loose, porous, was revealed as — on the contrary — excluding too much. Discrimination, once a positive faculty (meaning refined judgment, high standards, fastidiousness), turned negative: it meant prejudice, bigotry, blindness to the virtues of what was not identical with oneself.


And this is it for this week, let’s see how long my come-back will last.

miArt – Milan and its art fair

All photos taken by @sirintugbay on 27-28 March 2014 (cc).