Sigur Ros – new video, new album, new tour dates

So, I had to ignore the blog since my last post, as I was traveling and catching up on a week’s worth of reading. But, we continue our regular broadcast. With Sigur Ros.

Kveikur – Sigur Ros’s seventh studio album (Picture: XL via

Today, I bring you Sigur Ros’ new video Brennisteinn. Brennisteinn is the first video of Sigur Ros’s seventh album, Kveikur, which is coming out June 18th. The video is a lovely one, with band members blurring in and out of Sigur Ros-y images, with all the bells and whistles (or rather guitar bows).

You can pre-order Kveikur here and check the dates of their upcoming tour dates here. Good news for Dutch and Turkish fans: they are returning to NL for the Best Kept Secret Festival on June 23 and to Istanbul Küçükçiftlik Parkı on July 2nd!


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