weekly round-up 2013-2

That time of the week!

* So the Oscars happened. The Onion commentary called 9 year old Oscar nominee (and Beasts of the Southern Wild star) Quvenzhané Wallis “c*nt” in a tweet. Then removed the tweet and issued an actually reasonable apology. Laurie Penny defends the word in this article.

* On the same note, a feminist film critic defended The Onion’s tweet.

“As I think many of my readers would attest, I am attuned to misogyny in pop culture, even the point at which I see it when others don’t. And still, I didn’t see it here. I didn’t see Wallis as the butt of this joke. It seemed completely obvious to me — to the point that I didn’t even have to think about it — that the butt of the joke here is people who say such things about women.”

* Goodreads knows what’s going on with readers. How people decide what to read and where they read them.

* Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, whose informal video I posted on Tuesday was featured by NPR later in the week.

* Amanda Palmer was one of the most memorable #TED2013 speakers, and she rocked. Read about it on mashable – you can also watch the TED talk but it hasn’t been transcribed or translated yet.

* You know who else was on TED2013? A 13-year old Kenyan boy who found an effective and lion-friendly way to keep lions away from livestock of his father.

* On a more serious note, here’s an important article explaining how organized labor in the US can protect workers by supporting Aaron’s Law, which was drafted upon the suicide of Aaron Swartz.

* Do you think you live in a small apartment? Hong Kong’s illegal microapartments will have you reconsider.

* 3Doodle, the 3d sketching pen. Added to wishlist.


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