the entertainment that is bad tv

A while ago, I wrote a short post about the pleasures of watching good TV (vs. bad TV) and complained about repetitive formulas on House M.D. versus the good writing you can find on Homeland. Since then, House has finished its run, and Homeland is doing interesting things which keep the viewer waiting for the next season, even if just to know they know where they are going.

I would like to continue this TV talk, with The Walking Dead. TWD and I are in a hate-hate relationship. Much like I described in the previous post, I spend most of the episode yelling at characters. I spent a good time yelling at Lori, now I yell at pretty much everyone, but especially Andrea. Now, there are two kinds of yelling involved in The Walking Dead. The first one is the kind where you yell at characters because they are being stupid/dumb/blind/easily convinced. That’s an okay kind of yelling, as any realistic TV show should probably have realistic characters who make questionable choices (think Game of Thrones, Ned Stark as a great example of a great show, crappy choices).

The second kind of yelling, which is happening more and more with the Walking Dead is the “I will not watch any more episodes of this!” yelling, which I reset after each episode out of either curiosity or a glimmer of hope.

AMC’s The Walking Dead

I noticed, while procrastinating on Pinterest, that most people feel the same. Especially season 2. Especially Lori. Poor Lori. Lori with bad writers on her back who keep making her say and do the weirdest stuff, constantly lose her son around in a zombie apocalypse  tell her husband to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe and then blame him when he does so. Season 2 could be summarized indeed by this:

Where’s Carl?!?

I’m not sure if we will be able to summarize season 3 the same way (e.g. “Where’s Rick?”), or if I will finish season 3, considering the “meh” writing, the constant show runner changes. But other important questions still remain: What happened to the guy Rick met in season 1 and gave a walkie talkie to? Who mows the lawns? Are we supposed to forget about him? Why is everyone’s hair the same length as before? Where are all the animals? Wouldn’t some animals become zombie predators? Why am I still watching this show?


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