weeklies 30-06-12

Here we are at the end of a superfast month of no sun and not much summer whatsoever. A short weekly round-up this week, as I have been preparing the first full draft of my thesis, which I have named Daenerys.

What does it mean to ‘own’ music in 2012? by the A.V.Club.

– Alyssa Rosenberg has an introductory feminist reading list up, which I agree with and support and am slowly reading through.

– When the orchestra pit of the Sydney Opera House turned out to be too small, that was no problem. The orchestra is simply moved to a studio nearby. 

Illegal downloading can get you jailtime in Japan. What fun!

– Every IKEA visitors dream website: IKEA Hackers! or alternatively titled how to get IKEA furniture and make it affordably stylish (and unique as a snowflake).


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