weeklies weekend-off edition

As this is posted, I will be in Malta for a long weekend sun break to make up for the lack of sun or summer in  my corner of Europe. And I leave you with all these goodies:

Best tumblr ever. About opera. Which made me stop working on a presentation and read the first 10 pages in one go. Warning: it may make you spend a lot of time there and on YouTube checking out the mentioned singers.

– The Guardian has a great read on Slavoj Žižek, which was supposed to be on his new book on Hegel, which turned out to be about everything else, including women, sex, and his vacation to Dubai with his 12 year old son.

– Remember the awesome game that is Civilization? Well, this guy played the same game on Civ II for 10 years, and the results are scary. 1700 year war? Ice caps melting? You name it.

– As the Euro2012 entertains the masses in June, the Olympics are coming. Here are two articles on femininity of female athletes competing in the Olympics. First article is from The Star on South African female olympic athletes. (“South Africa is ground zero of the debate. An estimated 1 per cent of the 50 million people here are born “intersex,” meaning they don’t fit typical definitions of male or female.”) The second article is from The New York Times on the sex of athletes. Taking a look at the criteria of the IAAF and the science behind hormones and gender.

The Curious Case of Internet Privacy.  Jillian C York Reading List (12/06)

– Here’s a lovely vintage feminism video: Batgirl lectures Batman and Robin on equal pay for men and women.  Feministing.org

Why smart people are stupid. The New Yorker on biases of the mind.

And to top it off, this awesomeness from my T-Rex board:


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