weeklies 2-6-2012

After a week long hiatus, we are back to blogging, and a quickly assembled weeklies collection is here already. Because, why not?

Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman wrote about Wikileaks and War crimes, and the importance of Julian Assange’ extradition case. Worth a read.

– Let’s start with contemporary classical music. Nico Muhly (remember Planetarium?) has a new album out and proves classical music isn’t dead. You can also listen to his album Drones and Piano at the end of the article.  The Telegraph.

– NYTimes has its eyes on the art market, here’s a short piece on the inequality of the art makret, and how it reflects the economy of the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (and not the global economy).

– If you follow both Game of Thrones and Mad Men (like I do), here’s an interesting read from Alyssa Rosenberg on mentors in both shows.  I am already looking forward to Alyssa’s essay on Arya at the end of the show/books. Only need to wait, like, several years.

– It has been a decade since The Wire first aired! In celebration, Maxim interviewed the men and women who made The Wire what it is (=a brilliant TV show).

As I had half the week in my blogging environment, I’ll keep this round-up rather short. I’ll be back to regular broadcasting this week. Joy!

P.S. Let me know if there are any interesting/related links to these that you recommend!


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