weeklies 19-5-12

Here’s to a week with some sunshine, lots of planning, lots of lovely things happening. Busy and good times! Let’s see what the world has been up to this week:

– Let’s start with the women: Here’s an interview with Regina Spektor on her new album, art in general, Barack Obama and politics. The Guardian

– Continuing on gender, Flavorwire wrote about 10 Feminist Poets we should know. Homework for me.  @largeheartedboy

– Dean Baker wrote this opinion piece for Al Jazeera English on the Pirate Party and their contribution to the intellectual property legislation discussions. A small excerpt here:

As every graduate of an introductory economics class knows, the market works best when items sell at their marginal cost. That means we maximize efficiency when recorded music, movies, video games and software are available to users at zero cost. The fees that the government allows copyright holders to impose create economic distortions in the same way that tariffs on imported cars or clothes lead to economic distortions.

The major difference is that the distortions from copyright protection are much larger.While tariffs on cars or clothes would rarely exceed 20-30 per cent, the additional cost imposed by copyright protection is the price of the product. Movies that would be free in a world without copyright protection can cost $20-$30. The same is true of video games, and the price of copyrighted software can run into the thousands of dollars…

– Have you seen this gem? The Surrealist Compliment Generator. Because,  who wouldn’t want to be flattered by “You blink thrice warned that I can but think of the eyebrows of Richard Nixon covering a hostess of furry twinkies.”

10 things you will see in almost every Tim Burton movie. The list includes more than Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, so go ahead and check it out.   io9

– The Guardian has a piece on the Turkish theater row which has been going on in the past month where the ruling AKP Party has given the management of state theaters to civil servants after an improvised part of a play has offended the daughter of the PM. File under my #notproud hashtag.

– Have you been following all the Game of Thrones sources on the interwebz? There is Winter Is Coming, the Winter Is Coming Tumblr, and my humble Pinterest GOT Board, which has lots of goodies.

And I end this broadcast of weekly goodies with an infographic via GoodReads. An interesting blog post on Young Adult novels, and color distribution. This is only one of the infographics so go ahead and click on this link to read the full post.

borrowed from http://www.katehart.net/2012/05/uncovering-ya-covers-2011.html

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