weeklies 12-5-12

Hello there, reader.

– Here’s an interesting read on Game of Thrones on the New Yorker.

– Speaking of Game of Thrones, The Atlantic has a great analysis of the women of Westeros from last Monday’s episodes The Old Gods and The New. Highly recommended reading.

– Here’s cute article on Ljubljana – “the cutest European capital you can’t pronounce”. Well, I can pronounce it, and it is still pretty cute. And pretty. And full of little details. It is also small, but full of awesomeness. Proper pronounciation inside the article.

– Here’s a midem panel on the future of copyright with U2’s manager Paul McGuinness and author Robert Levine.

– I came across this interesting article in the Psychological Science journal:

It may be intuitive that people would make the same choices regardless of the language they are using, or that the difficulty of using a foreign language would make decisions less systematic. We discovered, however, that the opposite is true: Using a foreign language reduces decision-making biases. Four experiments show that the framing effect disappears when choices are presented in a foreign tongue. Whereas people were risk averse for gains and risk seeking for losses when choices were presented in their native tongue, they were not influenced by this framing manipulation in a foreign language. Two additional experiments show that using a foreign language reduces loss aversion, increasing the acceptance of both hypothetical and real bets with positive expected value. We propose that these effects arise because a foreign language provides greater cognitive and emotional distance than a native tongue does.

Interested? Click on the link above and read!

On happy news, my current adopted country of residence, the Netherlands, is the first country to adopt a crucial legislation to safeguard an open and secure internet. Tip of the hat to NL.

– Here’s an important article on the current art market structure and art investors: Sothebys and Christie’s are the Goldman Sachs’ of the Art World.  forbes.com

And I would like to end this edition of the weeklies with a mash-up of The Avengers and Where The Wild Things Are:

Source: twitpic.com via Sirin on Pinterest


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