Argentina, I love you part 2

Last week I wrote about Un Cuento Chino, and how I find Argentinian films refreshing. Well, while I was writing that, I noticed a tweet from a film festival which basically read “hey guys we just added extra screenings of Un Cuento Chino and Medianeras, so come!”. And I thought, hmmm, Medianeras?

Quick research reminded me that I had seen this film’s quirky trailer with the ‘Where is Waldo’ references:

Medianeras is more of a film about Buenos Aires, than the story of two people living in Buenos Aires. It is about two quirky people, whose lives are very much tied to the city they live in, and their little studios. In a way, you see the ugly side of Buenos Aires, the buildings that do not match each other, the high rises, the sidewalls with huge advertisements, or sometimes just plain white walls. But throughout the film, you also see the beauty of Buenos Aires, the special buildings, the streets, the people.

illegal windows on sidewalls of Buenos Aires. Hope!

Gustavo Taretto is the writer and the director, and if I understand correctly, this is his first feature film. In the strict sense, you cannot compare it to Un Cuento Chino. But I daresay there are some similar things that I enjoyed about both;

  • They are both quirky and funny – not in the sense of a comedy, but in the sense of recognizing things from daily life that are so natural, that make you smile.
  • They are not happy-go-lucky; they do point out to the darker, less happy side of life. But they don’t push your nose into it.
  • Both are about complicated people. These are not the stereotypical film characters who look perfect or have one character that stereotypes them into a corner. They are complicated, not always easy to understand. And they are still accessible.

I’m sure there are many more parallels if we dig in, but that is not the point of the post. What is it, you ask? This: I really enjoyed Medianeras; to the point where I think I need to go to Buenos Aires soon.


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