weeklies 5-5-2012

It is May, and time for another round of links. I’m not sure how we got to May already, but it is here. We survived Queen’s Night and Queen’s Day in the Netherlands, only a concept to survive for expats who do not like drunken Dutch and drunken tourists on Queen’s Night, and a definite concept of all Amsterdammers who escape during Queen’s Day when everyone is still drunk. BUT, that doesn’t stop us from our weekly round-up.

16 Brilliant Movie Quotes from Film Directors. Interesting food for thought on film. /Film Page Two.

– To follow up from the Guardian piece on contemporary classical music last week, I continue with a blog post on Music, Modernism and the Twilight of Elites. An interesting long read through intellectual disgrace market fundamentalism in economics towards the music sector.

– WTF Olympics kind of news of the week: Sex Pistols turned down the offer to play at the Olympics. Because the organizers wanted to censor their song Pretty Vacant. Because Vacant can sound like vay-cunt.

Guggenheim’s new initiative ignores Africa. Africa is a Country.

– Here’s an interesting BBC piece on the Occupy Wall Street movement and art; whether it is the end of contemporary art and the beginning of a new style. Definitely worth a read. @LargeheartedBoy

– Anthony Hegart (of Anthony and the Johnsons) is curating this years Meltdown festival, and has an interview with Pitchfork, where he discusses his choice of artists and the future of feminism. His line-up includes Cocteau Twin’s Elizabeth Fraser, CocoRosie, Marina Abramovich and Turkish Selda Bağcan.

I especially love the bit about Marina Abramovich:

Pitchfork: What sort of performance will Marina Abramovic give?

AH: She’s doing a lecture for women. It’s something she’s never done before. And it was actually something that I kind of challenged her to do it. She’s never framed her work around her identity as a woman. She’s always talked about art as being beyond gender, and yet her work is so complicated and multifaceted and has a lot of themes of passivity and endurance and bleeding and cruelty. So I asked her if she’d be comfortable doing a lecture just for women, and that’s what we’re doing for Meltdown, which is going to be really exciting. She seemed really stimulated by the idea of the challenge.

– And I’d like to finish off this week with the poster of the new King Kong remake; King Sloth:

Sloth Kong! or King Sloth! or alternatively titled meh


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