Argentina, I love you

One of the lovely things about living in Utrecht is the Latin American Film Festival. Organized in May of every year (until this year, when it was moved to April and gave me a heart attack for not knowing and not being prepared), the festival brings out the most interesting movies and documentaries from Latin America all the way to one of the best cinemas in Utrecht – the Louis Hartlooper Complex.

Last week, I went to see two movies, one of my lower performances over the years, but the change from May to April and finding this out rather late, it was inevitable. But I daresay I made perfect choices, especially with Un Cuento Chino.

Un Cuento Chino Poster

Un Cuento Chino – or Chinese Take-Away – is a 2011 Argentinian Film, starring Ricardo Darin. Some of you might know him from El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in their Eyes). He is a brilliant actor, so it was already good enough to know that he was starring in the film.

The film… I can’t write about the plot without spoiling it, as it is a simple story, yet brilliantly told. You don’t get bored for one second. You get sad, you get maybe frustrated. You definitely laugh. Or giggle. Or both. It is one of those movies that aren’t made enough; simple, light, and smart at the same time. And of course Darin’s charm always helps out.

Enjoy the trailer, and see if you can catch it in theaters (or on DVD/BluRay/WhatHaveYou)


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