For the past week, I have been away on my own reunion week. Not only did I attend my 5th year college reunion (oooold!), but I spent quality time with my close friend from high school, as well as half of the #nerdfam who lives over the pond.

And what better way to celebrate this with a late music Tuesday, with M83‘s video for Reunion? Reunion brings back the mutant kids of Midnight City, and makes a strange and pleasant video to a pretty cool song. I add it to the soundtrack of my reunion week.

Now back to real life.

ég anda

There is a new Sigur Rós album coming out soon, and we have a new video as well as a free album stream. Head over to The Guardian to listen to the full album Valtari before it comes out on 28th of May.

In the meantime, there is a mystery film experiment going on with Valtari, which I can’t really say more about, because it’s a mystery experiment (and I don’t know!). The first song in the album, ég anda, has an interesting video out which you can watch below.

While we watch, listen, and listen again, I’ll take a moment or two to get really really excited about their upcoming concert in August in Amsterdam. It will be another important musician/band to cross off my list of artists-to-be-seen-at-least-once. Keyword being at least, but one has to start somewhere. SO excited!

Sigur Ros Website
Pre-Order Valtari from EMI