Please be Stevie Nicks

So, I am catching up on my reading list and writing a paper on cultural entrepreneurship, so it is only fitting that I did something related to both and watched Tavi Gevinson’s TEDx talk (which you will find below).

Tavi @ Rodarte - Backstage- Fall 2012 Fashion Week

For those of you who do not know, Tavi Gevinson is the 15 year old editor-in-chief of Rookie Magazine. In middle school she started a fashion blog and became one of the first amateur experts who was invited to fashion shows. Also one of the first amateur experts who scare experts who do not catch up with the internet. Then, Tavi recognized all the things that teenage girls miss in their lives, mostly feminism (and I simplify), and she decided to start a website. Appropriately called Rookie Mag, she is figuring out – with all her readers – how to deal with life.

And I have to say she is one of the coolest 15 years olds. And I want to defend my MA thesis with a Paint presentation like her.

While you are at it, go check out Rookie Mag.


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