weeklies Istanbul-April edition

OH hai, didn’t see you there. The blog is having a bit of a quiet time, due to me country hopping a bit, but definitely doesn’t mean I’m having a quiet time. In my running around, I have gathered the following things for your reading pleasure this week:

– Here’s a series of interviews on the future of books, with Clay Shirky, the author of Here Comes Everybody. Here’s cool excerpt to get you into it:

The question isn’t what happens to publishing — the entire category has been evacuated. The question is, what are the parent professions needed around writing? Publishing isn’t one of them. Editing, we need, desperately. Fact-checking, we need. For some kinds of long-form texts, we need designers. Will we have a movie-studio kind of setup, where you have one class of cinematographers over here and another class of art directors over there, and you hire them and put them together for different projects, or is all of that stuff going to be bundled under one roof? We don’t know yet. But the publishing apparatus is gone. Even if people want a physical artifact — pipe the PDF to a printing machine. We’ve already seen it happen with newspapers and the printer. It is now, or soon, when more people will print the New York Times holding down the “print” button than buy a physical copy.

– Here’s a list of the 50 coolest museums. While most of these museums are indeed cool, a large majority in the list are from the States. That is fine, but I can imagine there are more “cool” museums outside of the US and definitely others than the obvious choices of Tate and Centre Pompidou. Still a cool list to check. Complex.com / Complex Art and Design

– Fighting online censorship when legal action fails – an Al Jazeera op-ed by Jillian C. York worth a read. @jilliancyork.

– I came across this great blogpost on Venice and The Islamic World, talking about Venice’s ties with the Ottoman empire. Definitely worth a read. zunguzungu Sunday Reading.

– On media and patriarchal news, Ashley Judd responds to stupid remarks about looking puffy; slaps media in the face. Respect. And very interesting to have a public figure go out and say what it is, it is sexism, from women towards women, because we fall into the trap of patriarchy. So glad she is writing it out.

Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style – by artist Nina Katchadourian … because.. they are funny and clever and and…why not?

– A while ago, CBS’s Sunday Morning hosted Patti Smith, and had a lovely chat. I didn’t get a chance to share it then, so here it is now. Also, I can not wait for her concert in Amsterdam in July.

– On unrelated but happy news, Game of Thrones got the green light for Season 3 after two episodes of Season 2. The internet went “YAY!” and “Obviously!”.

/Film has a video on The Visual Style of The Wire. Give it a go.

– And for your entertainment; Star Wars a la Silent film:

Enjoy your weekend!


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