All the Rowboats

Regina Spektor!

Has a new album coming out in May!

Has a new song out already!

Can you tell I’m excited? It has been years since I discovered Regina Spektor, and I discovered her when she was opening for the Dresden Dolls in Lupo’s in Providence, RI. It was also my first DD show, and I was there purely because I had awesome friends who took me along to awesome concerts. When I was listening to her, I was blown away, because she was so original and different.

What We Saw From The Cheap Seats - the new Regina Spektor album

Her music has changed and evolved, and in a way, took small steps toward the main stream. She is still very much herself and writes great songs. For example, her new song All The Rowboats is about museums and galleries and oil paintings. Because that’s Regina Spektor for you.

Enjoy the video below, directed by Tom Petty’s daughter Adria Petty:


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