weeklies 24-3-12

After spending Friday in a lovely awesome bed&breakfast in Ghent, and spending Saturday in Brussels with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, it is time to publish the weekly round-up. Here we go.

– On an interesting note following IBM’s teaming up with the Louvre, Google is now about to announce a venture with a Belgian museum. Interesting times for museums. @lauragmanifold

– On the note of cultural organizations, The Guardian has a Culture Professionals Network blog, which is worth a read. Here’s a post on the need of arts organisations engaging their staff as well as audience.

This is a fantastic letter from a copywriter who wants to be a screenwriter. His letter is amazing. And makes me wish that business correspondence was more clever and special like this rather than the cliché that it is today. Marko

– NPR presents 50 failed first impressions: of bands/musicians who have not received the attention and fame (they later got) with their first album.

– Retronaut has unearthed the “future reader” of 1935. I suppose in a way they are close to reality, but in another, some of the e-book readers out there feel like books in shape and size. Although I can easily say I still love the feeling of a book in my hands, they do come in handy during travels or as alternatives when you are reading quite a heavy edition of a book. Retronaut.

A must-read article by Robert Skidelsky on Project Syndicate on Fair Trade.

And we end with a 9gag post that everyone who has seen Shrek and Game of Thrones has been pointing out/asking/making memes about: Jaime Lannister really really resembles Prince Charming.

Jaime Lannister aka Prince not-that-Charming


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