weeklies 17-3-12

And, we pass mid-March. Deadlines loom closer, but so does an exciting trip in beginning of April to Paris, and in May to Boston. So I can’t complain. The universe is good these days.

– Wired has a piece on 10 ways to Future-Proof your Children. As if having children wasn’t all big decisions and things to consider, now you also have to consider locking your child’s facebook and google accounts. Seriously.

Les Femmes de l’Avenir – 1902 – Women of the future – definitely what they have imagined.

ReWired For Change: the non-profit organization Sonja Sohn of The Wire founded after the run of the show. A must-read NPR piece for The Wired fans. Chad in Amsterdam.

Occupied Studies zunguzungu Sunday Reading

– The Kony 2012 video has been a ridiculous hyper on the internet, and I have made a point to stay out of the discussion for many reasons. Here’s an interesting Guardian Comment Is Free article on Kony and the importance of NOW.

– In her Comment Is Free column, Naomi Wolf talks about feminism, says young feminists lack “strong institutions or a clear feminist political agenda.” Shelby Knox, in reply, tweets about last years campaign by young feminists saying Wolf does not speak for them. Both worth a read.

– Here’s a tiny bit of interesting bit from International Women’s Day biology blogging we missed previously. The Origin of Gender Symbols in Biology.

And we end this week with the Critical Feminist Corgi:

P.S. If you are wondering what the squiggly things after some of the articles are, please refer to BrainPicking’s Curator’s Code. While you are at it, also check out her list of brain-tickling long-reads.


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