weeklies 10-3-12

Here we are again, on a Saturday. I have reached a mile stone in the preparation of my thesis, had an excellent dinner at Envy during the Restaurant Week in Amsterdam, and purchased Patti Smith concert tickets. All in all not a bad week. Let’s see what else has been roaming around on the interwebz:

– Let’s start this week’s links with Slavoj Zizek talking about one of the best TV shows ever: The Wire. Article contains link to the audio recording of the talk.

– This week, I finally got around to watching A Separation, which recently won the Best Foreign Film Oscar among many other awards this year. Here’s a lovely read from Al Jazeera on Iranians and their cinema:

Between Iranians and their cinema thrives a love affair: Every film that a gifted Iranian filmmaker makes is a love letter to their people, and they return it in kind, with the joy and ecstasy of sharing in their global celebrations.

An excellent piece of the Spanish experiment with direct democracy.

– Continuing the reactions to library.nu being shut down, here’s a long but useful read from Al-Jazeera. Here’s a lovely excerpt from the article:

The world, it should not come as a surprise, is filled with people who want desperately to learn. This is what our world should be filled with. This is what scholars work hard to create: a world of reading, learning, thinking and scholarship. The users of library.nu were would-be scholars: those in the outer atmosphere of learning who wanted to know, argue, dispute, experiment and write just as those in the universities do.

How about the 10 rules of revolutionary art?

The Myth of the Sole Inventor. An interesting looking paper. Already the abstract is great, even better if you have access to it via a library.

– NPR has an interview with the author of a new book about habits, how we form them and how to break them.

And I’ll leave you with this video of sloths learning how to climb, because it is super-adorable:


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