keep calm and carry on

Recently, a video surfaced on YouTube on the history of the poster “Keep Calm and Carry On” which has been used in many parody versions such as this:

Keep Calm, Winter is Coming

Turns out it was a British WW2 propaganda poster, the best of three made and the one that was never distributed. The best because it applies to many things and has no direct relation to being in war. and when I first saw it, I more thought of it as a way to stay calm against all the rush of daily life.

We actually put a version of this in our office to deal with the joys of project management in a fast paced environment, which I found very appropriate. Anyway, here is the full story, along with where they were rediscovered.

I would definitely need the poster when I enter Barter Books. I would not be able to go all hyper-excited and try to live in that bookstore. Or buy all the books.

(Thanks to @WiC_HearMeRoar and @lauragmanifold for pointing this gem out.)


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