weeklies 25-2-12

Interestingly, before I knew it, it is Saturday again. With my classes cancelled, this week resulted in a delicious Grapefruit Yogurt Cake (recipe by smittenkitchen), followed by two nights of good food and good company. And reading, of course.

Let’s start this week with an interesting BBC article on sleep patterns and the myth of the 8 hour sleep. (hint: it does not need to be consecutive).

Are radical journals selling out? An interesting read on radical academic journals and the institutionalisation of the radical.

– Some food for thought on Obama, his 2012 campaign and the American left.

– On the topic of language, the use of modern phrases in Downton Abbey’s second season has led some to wonder whether we won’t have a new job title arising in the industry: Digital Humanities Scholar. I like the title.

– A must read: You Will Never Kill Piracy, and Piracy Will Never Kill You. Relevant excerpt:

Perhaps A-list actors do not need multi-multi-million dollar salaries when there are thousands of hardworking amateurs trying to get noticed. Perhaps not every graphic novel and board game needs $100M or $200M thrown at it in order to become a feature film when there are hundreds of creative, original screenplays that get tossed in the trash. Perhaps you don’t need to spend an additional $100M marketing a movie when everyone is fast-forwarding through commercials and has AdBlock on their browsers.

Six rules of modern film poster design. Super true super cliches.

– A very short blub on RNW about the low percentage of women in top positions in the Netherlands. Pretty bad statistics considering Dutch women are proudly better off than most, but the article says it is most probably because Dutch women like working part time. Interestingly, topping this list is:

Topping the list is Lithuania, with 44 percent of women at the top, followed by Bulgaria, with 43 percent. Russia comes third, with 40 percent.

– I had tweeted earlier this week that the English National Opera is already facing protest because it’s planning a new production of The Death of Klinghoffer, “based on the murder of a disabled Jewish tourist during the hijacking of a cruise ship by Palestinian militants”. You can read more about it on the above link, but basically it is a John Adams opera that was received very well in Brussels but was followed by negativity and misunderstanding in the states.

Today The Guardian has a piece on Alice Goodman, the librettist of the said opera, who was “uncommissionable” after the NY production of the opera. She talks about how she envisioned the opera, and how it was received. A long but really interesting interview.

And I finish this week’s post with the freshly released trailer of Game Of Thrones’ second season. Go over to Winter Is Coming to enjoy and discuss.

– And here is how the above mentioned grapefruit yogurt cake turned out:


looks so inviting


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