the universal office?

Today, I have started watching the UK version of the Office. I have never watched a full episode of either the American or the British version before, though I know the concept and the awkwardness. I have seen bits and pieces, but as I don’t enjoy so much the “cringe-humor” of such shows, I never felt like going for it.

But, then again, it happened.

And for the whole half an hour I wanted to punch Ricky Gervais’ character David and hug Martin Freeman’s character Tim. I suppose that is the average reaction anyways. But what I found most interesting is that the characters are the exaggerations of real-life office types, you can recognize yourself and your colleagues in them.

I will probably try to watch the rest of the UK version, but I definitely cannot take more than one episode a day. Also will be secretly developing a Turkish version of the office in my head. That would be a brilliant adaptation, so much material and stereotypes.


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