weeklies 11-2-2012

Strange how weeks pass by and one of the biggest reminders to me is when I am piling up the interesting/funny/weird articles for the Saturdays. Somehow it makes it even more real. In the upcoming weeks you might see more about art markets, contemporary art and the Middle East on the blog, as I’m taking a course on art markets and writing a project on the emerging Middle East market. It starts this week. DUN DUN DUN.

Murakami has his first Qatar show, and it involves a blow up self-portrait.

Wackiest musical instruments! Butterfly pianos, gameleste and fire organ. Wacky, indeed.

– But speaking of classical instruments, why are there so few female composers?

Retronaut brings us radiation posters from 1947.

– You might have thought that the Occupy movement had disappeared, but Occupy Oakland has been making headlines again. Al-Jazeera seems to continue being one of the best news outlets around, and has a piece on it.

– For Hunger Games fans outthere, here’s an entertaining read and an attempt to map out Panem in North American territory.

– Here are two links on academic publishing; both very interesting. The Economist wrote about the pledge signed by 2700 researchers to not publish their work on any of the journals of the Netherlands based Elsevier due to their commercial practices (remember their profits from a few weeks ago?). In addition to this, scientific journals said they wanted to be paid whenever a copy of one of their articles is submitted to the patent office. To which the US Patent Office said “nope”.

– Are you worried or annoyed about/pissed off at the upcoming Valentines Day or just want it to go away? Join Occupy Valentines Day.

– And of course, I finish off with the 17 promo photos HBO released of Game of Thrones Season 2.

And on that note, I leave you with the Game Of Thrones board/drinking game, which is brilliant and probably very very dangerous:
Game Of Thrones drinking game


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