weeklies 4-2-2012 edition

Another week, already another month. Craziness!

This week, this letter from a former slave to their owner has been making the rounds on the interwebz. Check it out if you haven’t already, it is pretty brilliant.

– Twitter changed its policy, even if the universe of Twitter went berserk upon the news. Here is why it is actually a good and transparent thing.

– More posts on ACTA, as it is necessary to keep things active. A guest post about ACTA over at nakedcapitalism.

– Did somebody say ACTA? Information is Beautiful has an interesting infographic calculated regarding how much Hollywood earns.

Here’s an interesting blog post on peer review in academia by Ph.D. Octopus.

– And now a more popular culture-y mode; Molly Lambert writes about Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift and Michelle Williams.

NPR on Ani DiFranco’s new album.

– Here’s an interesting Pinterest board; The Art Investor’s Bookshelf.

A column on the Telegraph: The Opera Novice… about someone discovering the joys of opera.

The quarterly magazine of the National Endowment for the Arts has an issue, available in PDF, on innovation.

And here’s some funk for the weekend:


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