Reasons why I love the Netherlands #2

One of the biggest problems I will have whenever I leave the Netherlands for another adopted country will be biking. Biking everywhere. At any weather. With good bike paths and careful drivers.

Biking is deeply imprinted in Dutch culture, kids start traveling on their parents’ bikes as soon as they can sit up on their own, start biking next to their parents on tiny bikes, and then eventually go to school, work, to a night out, to a fancy dress gala on a bike.

Expats tend to love this, even though I have met a handful people who have refused to get bikes. This can work in Utrecht where you could still walk home from a night out (if you lived relatively close to the center), but much harder in bigger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Recently, the European Cyclists’ Federation on Facebook shared this lovely image below, which sums up most of the awesomeness of biking around in your city.

Awesomeness of Bicycles

I wish more cities would be bike friendly. Life would be more fun.

Simple Song

The Shins have a new album coming out (“Port of Morrow”), and their first song out of the new album is called the Simple Song. I listened to it and warmed up to it super quickly.

But the video. Oh the video. It is somehow very heart warming in addition to the song. A silly family story, which goes perfectly with the song.

Here, see it for yourself and enjoy:

The Shins – “Simple Song” from DANIELS on Vimeo.