weeklies 21-1-2012

Another week bites the dust…

– The Kronos Quartet is high on my list of must-see-live musicians. They also happen to be on the Guardian this week related to their residency at the Barbican.

The Unlikely Rise of Al Jazeera. An interesting read on what has been the world’s eyes and ears on the Arab Spring.

Feminism, you say? Poems, you say? Smart women of the early 1900s you say?

Apple goes into digital textbook market, planning to make digital textbooks more current, searchable and interactive. Chronicle live blogged the announcement.

– On a related note, digital library lending is up 130%.

A feminist take on fashion at Ms Magazine.

An interesting NYTimes article on the importance of solitude for creativity and innovation.

French businessman sets up a fund to pay fines for women who choose to wear full Islamic veil in countries where it is banned. Would be much better if countries stopped banning things and start doing meaningful work with their minorities.

And some extra news about SOPA and PIPA legislations in the US that weren’t included in the Wednesday additional blackout post:

During the SOPA blackout on Wednesday, information junkies had to use mobile Wikipedia. Because, clearly, we can’t live without it.

The Pirate Bay has a brilliant statement on SOPA and PIPA. A must read essay.

– On Thursday, Megaupload.com was shut down and its CEO arrested (apparently you do not need SOPA or PIPA for this to happen. so why do we need those again?) In response, Anonymous attacked and closed MPAA, RIAA and Universal Pictures. They also posted a new video. Go to DangerousMinds to read about the attacks and watch the new video.


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