weeklies 14-1-12

As I simultaneously write two proposals in one month, I am also somehow managing to find other things to read. Here are some from this past week:

– A great NYtimes profile of Stephen Colbert and his three personalities, somewhat ethical SuperPAC and all the other good stuff. A must read.

The Economics on citizenship, being able to have more than one passport, and how the world needs to adapt to its citizens’ way of living.

48 ads that would be banned today. Alternatively, we should make a list of current ads that someone will collect in a similar compilation in the future.

– Interesting things happen in down under, this is one of them: Queensland Gallery of Modern Art gave thousands of stickers to thousands of kids as part of their exhibition.

– Ever wondered what Virginia Woolf’s new years resolutions were like? Well, here you go. Woolf’s resolutions from 1931.

– An interesting Salon.com article on what the occupy movement can learn from dystopian young adult novels such as The Hunger Games.

– And to leave on a light note, enjoy this lovely stop-motion video “The Joy of Books”:


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