weeklies 7-1-2012

Welcome to the first edition of the weekly links 2012! After a brief holiday season with little blogging, we continue our regular broadcast with Ryan Gosling and other good stuff.

– yes, indeed, Manarchist Ryan Gosling continues the internet meme sensation Ryan Gosling. Though I must say Feminist Ryan Gosling is still the best one.

– An interesting The Atlantic piece on Finland’s school system. There are many reasons why this doesn’t work in the States or anywhere else, really. But it’s a good system to learn from.

– Just because it is now 2012, doesn’t mean that we don’t have 2011 lists. Art Threat has chosen 23 political art stories of 2011, take a look.

– I have recently finished reading Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save, and I recommend you to put it on your reading list this year, and think about it. In the meantime, check out the Guardian’s little blub about this campaign in Oxford.

– Here’s a great article from The Atlantic about why the U.S.’ SOPA act is proof of American movie industry’s failure to innovate. I would highly suggest to keep an eye on this act and see what you can do about it; as it will eventually effect everyone and not just Americans.

– And to push it to SOPA’s nose; a study finds that people actually are willing to use legal alternatives, rather than piracy, when it is done right.

And I finish with something to cheer you up this weekend:


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