weekend reading round-up

There is so much to share every week, it gets interesting to actually choose a few for the round-up. Here I try, again.

Google Music has arrived. Let’s see how this will change things up.

– A great article on The Guardian on why the traditional media (read: newspapers) are calling Julian Assange a terrorist when they are in the same business.

– EMI is sold to Sony/Universal, dropping the number of “major labels” in music to three. What that will mean for the music industry we will yet to see, but here’s The Guardian’s piece on EMI.

– The Guardian has an informative interview with Gloria Steinem, co-founder of Ms Magazine and one of the most important names in feminism. Please do read.

– An interesting read on Culture in Economics and the Culture of Economics on The Straddler.

– After all these slightly depressing readings, here’s something to warm your heart. Though be careful, melting of the heart happens quite quickly: Cutest Paw!:

fuzzy nap time - brought to you by Cutest Paw


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