the pleasure of watching good TV

On Monday, as I watched the 7th episode of Homeland, I found myself excited, jumping up and down on the couch, yelling at the characters o my TV screen. This can happen in two formats:

The first case is with a good show turned not-that-good: In this last season of House M.D., when I see the extremely repetitive formula of House doing House-like things, I yell at the writers, who I imagine behind the TV screen, that they need a new formula, that I won’t watch the next episode, that I disapprove. I usually end up watching the next episode, but whenever I have the time, and usually it is the last priority.

The second case is with good shows that make me feel things. For example, Homeland. I got on the bandwagon very late, I was trying to be very selective with shows, and wasn’t sure if I’d want to watch Homeland. After 3 episodes and great reviews, we caught up with the episodes and now watch it the day after it airs in the US. And on Monday night as I watched the 7th episode, I was yelling at everyone, either in disbelief for what they do or say, or just telling them what not to do. It is fun (except for others watching with me, though I try to keep comments to minimum).

Photo by Michael Muller – © Copyright:Showtime 2011

I felt the same joy as I caught up with the Season 1 finale of Downton Abbey, which resulted in less yelling at characters and more in “need to get my hands on season 2 asap kthx” attitude. Can. Not. Wait.


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