this week’s reading

Black Swan errr Cat

I should have blogged more often this week, as I have more things to do for uni; still 2 papers to write before the end of next week. Apparently, rather than blogging, I have just read a lot and have more to share. Here we go:

A brilliant piece over at Popmatters on Amanda Palmer and the music business.

– Income inequality is beyond ridiculous. Here’s some research. 1% growing 280% per year, while everyone else just… looks at it I suppose.

An interactive map from the Center for Reproductive Rights on the world’s abortion laws in 2011. It shows the laws of each country, including whether parental/spousal authorization is needed and time limit for it.

Naomi Wolf writes about the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy global movements on her Project Syndicate column.

– Something slightly lighter; a great Telegraph blog on whether we should evaluate the arts, and if so, how.

Julian Assange has lost the appeal to stop his extradition to Sweden. Democracy Now talked to one of his lawyers to see what this means.

And I leave you with another heart-warming cat-movie-poster from LOLcats.

Good Felines


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