Sneak Preview

Sneak preview is a funny and adventurous concept that I have encountered when I moved to the Netherlands. Some movie theaters organize sneak previews once a week, where you buy the ticket without knowing what you will be seeing. There is of course a list somewhere with all the movies coming to this theater in the following weeks (including their websites) but you still do not know which one you will get when you sit in your comfortable seat, and bite your nails with anticipation.

Yesterday, I went to one for the first time. I would have been much more relaxed, had I gone to the sneak preview in Louis Hartlooper Complex, which shows more independent European movies, where most of the time their list of movies makes me drool. I went to another one where a friend frequents the sneak preview and their offer for November was 50% disastrous (for me and my taste).

So I shuddered with anticipation and was so ecstatic when Margin Call, a movie about a Wall Street firm going down with their questionable practise and causes the crisis, starring a crazy cast: Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Jeremy Irons and Stanley Tucci among others.

Margin Call Poster from /Film

The movie was a good one, though I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a priority for me otherwise. But I actually really enjoyed the thrill before the start of the movie. I’m also sure I would have written an annoyed version of this, had it been the third installation of Twilight which is on the list of November movies for this place.

Next, I try the sneak preview of Louis Hartlooper Complex.


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