our weekend reading – saturday nomz

Another week passes by with much going on in the world. Here are my suggestions for non-world-news-but-interesting-anyway links:

The “Globalisation, EU & Multilateralism” – GEM PhD School offers up to 10 Erasmus Mundus 3-year long PhD Scholarships.

– A very interesting read is the exclusive interview by Mouna El Mokhtari with Tunisian hacktivist K3vin Mitchnik. Confessions of a Tunisian hacktivist.

– The über-cute side of Occupy Wall Street movement: The Awwwcupy Wallstreet!

A new essay by Slavoj Žižek on Occupy Wall Street and what the future of the movement could/should be.

– Neil Gaiman wants you to give a scary book in Halloween:

– Scoot over to longform.org for long readings of all kind. I would be all over it if I wasn’t supposed to write three papers simultaneously.

Wishing everyone a good, productive weekend, as I would like to have.


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