Bon Iver @ Utrecht

When news broke out a few months ago that Bon Iver was going to tour, and have one concert only in the Netherlands, something in my head went “well, then we surely must be there”. I am not the biggest fan of Bon Iver, I do like some of this songs, but his record can get a bit repetitive sometimes, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I also enjoy my chosen ignorance sometimes, I never even looked at concert footage of Bon Iver, except from the Stereogum awesomeness that lists all the crazy covers Bon Iver performs unexpectedly. So, considering I didn’t really know how he was touring, and how he performs most of the time, I was up for a big surprise.

Bon Iver @ Vredenburg LR Utrecht

He was there, on stage, with a 9 piece band, two sets of percussion, and when he started with Perth, the band actually sounded “Explosions in the Sky”ish. Which was very enjoyable for me, as I was afraid of feeling like all songs feel the same, and with a bigger band, live it felt all very different. His set list is below, followed by some questions I had after the concert. Links of the songs go to Utrecht concert footage recorded by the same person, so all credit to videos are theirs.

2.Minnesota, WI
4.Beach Baby
7.Creature Fear
8.Hinnom, TX
10.Re: Stacks
11.Blood Bank
13.Lisbon, OH
15.Skinny Love

16.For Emma
17.The Wolves (Act I and II)

So I was wondering a few things during the concert. How much is Bon Iver expected to make with his record and tour and merchandise or how much did he make that his record label let’s him tour in Europe with a 9 piece band?

Also, is it a new trend that smaller bands are touring with bigger versions and with brass instrument additions? It was a delight when Iron & Wine did that, and it was quite lovely with Bon Iver, but is it just coincidence or is it a trend?

I suppose I don’t have the answers to either question. Yet.


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