another weekend treat

As my deadlines approach for blok 1, I am trying to keep up the blog, at least with the weekend link treats. Though this week was somewhat music heavy, one of those more active weeks. Let’s see what else I have found on the web:

– All open access, all Middle East: AMIR (Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources).

A great read over at The Chronicle on Occupy Wall Street movement, whose principles arise from scholarship on anarchy.

An interesting interview, challenging the notion of value, art, and lesser-known He-Man action figures.

– Here’s a recap of a panel from Geek Girl Con: Media Literacy, Criticism and Production. You can also listen to the full panel on the podcast of the Bitch Magazine.

TIME magazine has a list of 100 best non-fiction books. If you are not sure what to read next, or if you plan to add more books to your to-read list, go ahead and check it out. I added 5 books already to my list of things to read and I’m not even half way through the list.

I leave you with some LOLcat cuteness; enjoy your saturday.


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