time for saturday nomz

Another week passes by, with more happenings than before. Here are some things that got less attention, but are worth a mention:

– Someone should be looking at the Icelandic creativity volcano that is Björk. Her new album Biophilia came out, and the best way to enjoy it is to purchase 10 iPad apps that were designed to accompany the music. NYPost quotes Scott Snibbe, developer of the apps:

“Listening to this album without the apps isn’t like watching ‘Avatar’ without 3-D — it’s like watching ‘Avatar’ without the picture. The combination of the music and the apps [is] the full expression of Bjork’s concept.”

More on Björk, the apps and musical education on NPR.

– props to the Feminist Ryan Gosling tumblr, which made me smile after a long work/study day.

'cause you can't resist Gosling and cocoa puffs

– Slavoj Zizek spoke at Occupy Wall Street and the whole speech can be found at impose magazine.

– Speaking of Occupy Wall Street; a powerful short film can be seen on MoveOn.org.

– Ans speaking of Occupy Wall Street, today the 15th of October was OccupyEverywhere, where all cities came together in solidarity with #OWS. Al Jazeera had extensive coverage.

– I went to TEDxRotterdam and wrote about it. It was quite interesting overall, but could be improved, as everything always can.

Going from one busy week to the other. Do comment with interesting things I might have missed and enjoy your weekend.


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