Today, I was at the second edition of the TEDxRotterdam, which focused on the theme Future Leadership by inviting a mostly student crowd for a whole day of idea spreading. As with many events, there were good presentations and bad presentations, but overall interesting ideas going around, as it should with TED.

I have some highlights here. Obviously I can’t write about all the presentations (about 31 presentations in total), so one has to be selective. But I could say that 31 presentations is probably a bit too much for one day. Not only is it hard to sit through a whole day of ideas going around, there is a limit to what you can process in one go. But also finding 31 good and interesting presenters is hard. And I think TEDxRotterdam also bumped into that a little bit, especially around the third part, where the weaker presenters really slowed down the pace. Anyways, the highlights:

– Rob Wijnberg’s presentation started out really promising, with a TED attitude to presenting, he talked about his mindset for philosophy and went on to arguing that religion was only another philosophy, rather than “religion”. I write it started promising, because at some point, the connection was lost to me. At some point, it went from the philosophical thought process to solving the burqa problem with a comparison to nudism. Which could be an attitude. But rather than being thought-provoking, it became a much weaker argument quite suddenly.

– Mikko Hypponen continued with his presentation on cyber crime. From the morning group of speeches, Hypponen’s speech got us to discuss a lot over the first coffee break. This was mostly because he included hactivism as part of cyber crime, which was mostly regarded as not a crime for me and several around me. Though I must say that Hypponen made a good point when he went through how to “fight” these criminals. He pointed out that the generation of hactivists will grow up to fix the things they fight for. Nothing else. No cyber police for them. They will work it out. Well said. And fingers crossed.

– Sander Veenhof talked about augmented reality, and his exhibition in MoMa without MoMa’s knowledge was probably the highlight.

– The artistic highlight was definitely Marjolijn van Heemstra, performing for the second year in a row in TedXRotterdam. Need to look into her poetry. She gets extra bonus points from me for performing with a cellist.

There were a lot of fields and ideas and personalities on stage, and it is hard to say what will stick tomorrow, what I will carry with me for next week. But TED is definitely a great way to get diverse input.

What do you think will lead the future?


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