post Belfast nomz

We somehow reached October. How did this happen?? Anyway, here’s another week of links and awesomeness:

– So, yes, I’ve been in TitanCon in Belfast this past weekend. Over at Winter Is, there’s an account of how my Friday went.

– Alex Ross posted awesome paper titles from the annual meeting of the American Musicological Society. My highlights:

Francesco Dalla Vecchia, “Sopranos Gone Wild: Flashing in Seventeenth-Century Venetian Opera”

David Kasunic, “Beethoven in the Background: Music and Fine Dining in Nineteenth-Century France”

Who says classical music is boring?

There is a Princess Bride Monopoly game? WANT!

– I will attend the TEDxRotterdam in October. Officially registered and invited and all that. The theme is future leadership. An incredibly important question to ask, who will lead the future? Goldman Sachs?

– Speaking of Goldman Sachs, this guy managed to make Tuesday quite hectic as Twitter wondered whether he was part of a Yes Men stunt or just an extremely honest and blunt trader:

The Yes Men were impressed, but were also very quick to let us know that this guy is not a stunt of theirs.

This weekend is Restaurant Week in the Netherlands, where for a whole week, restaurants that participate in the event have a set 3-course menu for a set price (unless they have Michelin stars), and you can enjoy new, different restaurants in your city or in other cities. I have been in restaurants in Utrecht and Amsterdam through this, and will try another Utrecht restaurant on Saturday. Looking forward to the deliciousness.

What are you looking forward to this weekend, readers?


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