notes on collective action

I am currently reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody to potentially use for a paper I need to write (on (art) experts in the digital age). I came across this, and thought more about the Occupy Wall Street movement than my paper:

Collective action, the third rung, is the hardest kind of group effort, as it requires a group of people to commit themselves to undertaking a particular effort together, and to do so in a way that makes the decisions of the group binding on the individual members. All group structures create dilemmas, but these dilemmas are hardest when it comes to collective action, because the cohesion of the group becomes critical to its success. Information sharing produces shared awareness, shared creation, but collective action creates shared responsibility, by tying the user’s identity to the identity of the group.

our weekend reading – saturday nomz

Another week passes by with much going on in the world. Here are my suggestions for non-world-news-but-interesting-anyway links:

The “Globalisation, EU & Multilateralism” – GEM PhD School offers up to 10 Erasmus Mundus 3-year long PhD Scholarships.

– A very interesting read is the exclusive interview by Mouna El Mokhtari with Tunisian hacktivist K3vin Mitchnik. Confessions of a Tunisian hacktivist.

– The über-cute side of Occupy Wall Street movement: The Awwwcupy Wallstreet!

A new essay by Slavoj Žižek on Occupy Wall Street and what the future of the movement could/should be.

– Neil Gaiman wants you to give a scary book in Halloween:

– Scoot over to for long readings of all kind. I would be all over it if I wasn’t supposed to write three papers simultaneously.

Wishing everyone a good, productive weekend, as I would like to have.