nomz of the week

Another week has passed by. This one is marked by the start of the school year, my return to academic life after 3 years of office/project management trial. I am still happy about starting school, but honestly, I have crazy amount of reading from day one (I still blame the instructor who had 6 articles assigned to be read BEFORE the first lecture, when we didn’t even have access to the articles. But, okay. It’s manageable.)

So, here are the nomz I gathered in between the articles:

Here is an interesting piece from Grantland on disaster movies and Contagion in particular.

– Continuing with music, Stereogum has compiled a playlist of 40 best new bands of 2011. Enjoy.

The copyright revolution! The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum and various entities at Yale University decided to make high-resolution images of art from their collections available for anyone to use, for any purpose, copyright-free. Well done!

– Our fun link of the day is from the founders of Not Always Romantic

EU copyright is extended by another 20 years to 70 years. But is it good news for classical music fans? I would say not, for anyone. Expect more copyright links in the future, as I will be writing a paper on the subject for one of my courses this block. I am excited. Seriously.

Enjoy the links, and have a great weekend!


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