a month of weekly nomz

Again, dear reader, it is time for links. I was in a week of limbo, waiting for my new MA programme to start, doing lots of errands, but not nearly busy enough for my regular do-something-every-minute mode. Which is good, as I wouldn’t want to start burned out. Also very good for setting up this weekly posting business before things got too busy.

This week my activism genes were slightly moved; so this might be one sided group of links. maybe.

– I learned through a twitter-fellow-expat-in-NL friend about the “Occupy Wallstreet” campaign, and the Dutch version of “Yes We Camp“. Click on the campaign names for the related links. Go occupy your financial district on September 17th, if you can.

– Below is a great blog post about cycling and activism (more specifically feminism) and how the two relate within the frame of Los Angeles. The “Untrammeled Woman” at Feminist Fatale

– There is a web video series by Feminist Frequency and Bitch Magazine that points out many cliches regarding women in TV, movies and comic books. Here are the links to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 aaand part 5.

– Speaking of comic books; here’s a great Neil Gaiman quote about the DC universe.

Sarcastic responses to well-meaning (sometimes) signs:

Obviously, sparta.

Have a great weekend!


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