Weekly nomz – edition three

Here we are again. Let’s see what this week brought us:

– After reading three non-fiction books related to women, I am now reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I am especially curious to read next to it Alyssa Rosenberg’s blog posts about American Gods, which you can find over at ThinkProgress.

– A new website has been launched; and it is a gem (at least to me). Let’s Get Critical is a “hand-picked site for cultural criticism, essays and reviews”. I am looking forward to trying to read everything in there and failing.

– Zoe Williams wrote a piece to Guardian (link here) and argued that no one has talked seriously about feminism in the past 35 years. And 90s Woman over here has provided a preliminary list of books published over the subject of feminism and female sexuality. I am not there yet to argue one way or the other, but I know from a good friend from student theater years to say there have been a lot published on the subject, which only makes me more stressed about my reading speed.

– The latest Simon’s Cat video has arrived!

– On the right side, you will find a new link in the links section under “Further Awesomeness”, and that is the awesomeness of Maria Popova, who mainly runs the Brainpickings.org website, which has very interesting books/videos/concepts/ideas all there. One of them is the 7 Must-Read books on Happiness. I am not really into reading books on happiness, as I get the feeling I lose precious reading time which would make me happier, but 4 of these authors have TEDtalks which would be equally inspiring.

I realized with this edition how quickly time passes by. Third edition already? Didn’t I start this yesterday? Either way, I should be writing more often in-between these nomz, especially considering that I will go to my millionth Amanda Palmer show next week during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.


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