Another week of nomz

Aaand it has already been a week and we are here with another week of good stuff from the interwebz:

– Glyndebourne festival has shown the performance of The Turn of the Screw by Benjamin Britten live, and caused my twitter feed to make me very jealous. However, ’tis not too late, dear reader, it is on demand with the help of Guardian. Watch the awesomeness here:

The Activist’s Handbook: 1000 Ways to Politically and Socially Activate Your Life – because as the website says: “It is time for people to become more active politically, socially and culturally. It is not enough to spend your entire life waiting to be entertained by the political rhetoric.”

– Speaking of being politically active, a good example is the Icelandic society who rose up against the government when faced with paying the debt of those in finance who abused their power. A great read on why we don’t read about Iceland in the news, but really should.

– Neil Gaiman is going to start writing for the HBO adaptation of his book American Gods as I ask myself why I still haven’t read it. Next on my reading list.

– An interesting article on “piracy”: Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution

– And on a very “nice” note; Improv Everywhere!

Now that I travelled from one home to the other, I might get back to actually writing in between the weekly nomz. Just need to settle in and do things other than cleaning, cooking and running around university red-tape.


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