Bergenz Festival added to my bucket list

I sometimes get excited about the weirdest things. I mean, they are not weird to me, but I can imagine other people thinking “that not that interesting”. When I realized Yo-Yo Ma was performing in Concertgebouw and that there were tickets left, I was jumping up and down the whole time I was booking the ticket and could not calm down for half an hour after that.

Yesterday, my dearest friend from college sent me a link from the Telegraph, which showed the floating opera from Bergenz Festival. The original photos came because the opera was featured in Quantum of Solace, which I hadn’t watched and thus had no idea of the festival’s existence. As I looked at different operas and different set designs with the lake and sunset behind, I started thinking, I have to go to this.

La Boheme set at Bregenz Festival brought to you by

Today, I checked the website for this years festival, which is staging André Chénier – Opera in four acts by Umberto Giordano. I have never heard of the opera, and I don’t really have it in my plans to go this year, but looking at the tickets now, it is expensive to have good seats, but you can have not so expensive seats. So it is doable. And so it is on my bucket list to go there and see a floating opera.


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