Our Tragic Universe

I have recently read Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas. I didn’t know Scarlett Thomas or her previous work, but I was given the book as a birthday present by one of my close friends who has a good taste in many things including books. I was intrigued (and also entertained by the edition which came in gold and black).

I have to admit, in the first half of the book I wondered why my friend had given it to me to begin with, why I was reading it, and why this book wasn’t going anywhere. The book is about the author Meg, stuck in a relationship with her boyfriend, stuck at her work, not being able to write her novel because life keeps getting in the way. The first half, for me was the description of being stuck, with all characters being a bit annoyingly, well, stuck.

Somewhere towards the middle, there is that pivoting point when things start moving forward, there more expectations from the reader, and more promise for an ending and suddenly all the ramblings of Meg and her acquaintances about tragedy, storyless stories, relationships and love start making sense, coming into place. I wouldn’t say at the end, I loved the book, but certainly enjoyed it (more than I thought I would in the beginning).

Today I came across the review on The Guardian. I’m not exactly sure why it is in Children’s/Teen books part of the book reviews, as I think teenagers aren’t the target – even the review says that. But it does summarize the book and the situation quite well. As I can’t even properly categorize the book into a genre, I will leave you to read reviews and decide for yourself. But if you have nothing on your reading list and want an interesting challenge, go for it.


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